HFI as part of Joint Learning Initiative on Faith & Local Communities

HFI as part of Joint Learning Initiative on Faith & Local Communities

Humanitarian Forum Indonesia represented by Tomy Hendrajati, Our Chairman of Executive Board becomes one of the Board of Directors for Joint Learning Initiative on Faith & Local Communities (JLIF&LC) since June 16, 2016. JLIF&LC is the first global forum that HFI officially chips into it.


Want to know more about JLIF&LC? Please read the information below:



An international collaboration on evidence for faith groups’ activities and contribution to community health and wellbeing.

JLIF&LC was formed in 2012, and initially funded, by a broad collaboration of international development organizations, UN agencies, academic institutions and religious bodies. This group was drawn together by a single shared conviction: that there is an urgent need to build our collective understanding of the potential of local faith communities for improving community health and well being.

Full and appropriate engagement of the capacities of faith-based groups in the achievement of the SDGs through effective partnerships with public sector and secular entities, as well as among religious groups themselves.


  • cross-sector, multi-religious, cross disciplinary, collaborative learning platforms;
  • robust evidence and smart communication to transform the quality, effectiveness, and impact of partnerships between faith groups and the development community.

The initiative is guided by a Board of Directors, Executive Committee and Advisory Group, with support from Knowledge Manager, Stacy Nam and part-time Coordinator, Jean Duff. International stakeholders are engaged both as ‘Friends of the JLI F&LC’ and as working members of Learning Hubs. Learning Hub approach was inspired by the experience of the Joint Learning Initiative on Children and HIV/AIDS.

Questions we ask:

To fully engage the capacities and assets of faith groups to realize a world without poverty, what data about them, and what evidence for activity and impact is required, and by whom?

  • What do policy makers and practitioners want and need to know?
  • What do we already know?
  • How can what we know be better communicated?
  • How can we collaborate to fill critical research gaps?

Successes and results thus far include: Scoping Studies and Policy Briefs; New research underway; Leadership in Lancet Series on Faith and Health; NGO and government Briefings in London NYC and Washington; New partnerships among practitioner and academic Hub members.

Funders and contributors:

JLIF&LC is supported by a variety of partner organizations including: ADRA Australia, CAFOD, Christian Aid, Episcopal Relief & Development, IMA World Health, Islamic Relief, The MacLellan Foundation, Samaritan’s Purse, Tearfund, UNFPA and World Vision International. McKinsey & Company and other partners contribute expert advice and support.

JLI Leadership
JLI’s Board of Directors provides active oversight and governance of JLI’s strategic priorities, directions, and delivery of activities. The Board of Directors is comprised of faith-based organizations, religious leaders, and academic partners. A small Executive Committee is drawn from JLI’s Board of Directors, which provides on-going support to JLI’s Coordinator, Jean Duff.

JLI receives guidance from an Advisory Group, which includes leaders of multilateral and bilateral organizations with interest in faith engagement, as well as other interested stakeholders including foundations, secular development organizations, and the private sector.

Board of Directors
* Executive Committee members marked with asterisk
* Matthew Frost Chairman, the Joint Learning Initiative on Faith & Local Communities
John Nduna ACT Alliance
Jonathan Duffy Adventist Development & Relief Agency
Ruth Messinger American Jewish World Service
Rachel Carnegie Anglican Alliance
Rebeca Rios-Kohn Arigatou International
Benjamin Laniado Cadena Mexico
Paul Valentin Christian Aid
John Blevins Emory University
* Rob Radtke Episcopal Relief & Development
Lucas Koach Food for the Hungry
Katherine Marshall Georgetown University
Tomy Hendrajati Humanitarian Forum Indonesia
Imrana Umar International Interfaith Peace Corps
Rick Santos IMA World Health
David Westlake International Justice Mission UK
Anwar Khan Islamic Relief USA
* Muhtari Aminu-Kano Islamic Relief Worldwide
Mohammed Abu-Nimer KAICIID
John Drew McKinsey & Company
Ray Offenheiser Oxfam America
* Jean Duff Partnership for Faith & Development
Amjad Saleem Paths2People
* Nigel Harris Tearfund
Dean Pallant The Salvation Army
Rob Kilpatrick Traidmission
Ayesha Chaudhry University of British Columbia
* Jill Olivier University of Cape Town
Julie Clague University of Glasgow
David Boan Wheaton College
Christine MacMillan World Evangelical Alliance
* Charles Owubah World Vision International
List will be updated with additional members as the Board of Directors is finalized

Advisory Group
Jørn Lemvik Digni
Ulrich Nitschke International Partnership on Religion & Development
Chris Blackham Samaritan’s Purse
Vinya Ariyaratne Sarvodaya
Nobuyuki Asai Soka Gakkai International
Caroline Lensing-Hebben UNDP
Azza Karam UNFPA
Christoph Benn The Global Fund
Mark Brinkmoeller USAID
Adam Taylor World Bank Group
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