Psychosocial Assistance for Survivors Affected by Mount Rokatenda Eruption

Psychosocial Assistance for Survivors Affected by Mount Rokatenda Eruption

Marbles race is one of the psychosocial assistance activities for residents affected by the eruption Rokatenda. Target activities there are 3 groups: a group of children, adults, and the elderly. Psychosocial activities is expected to divert people’s minds from the daily bustle associated with the relocation and displacement so that it can provide a better living spirit to face of life issues that exist.

The first priority is the psychosocial mentoring vulnerable groups of elderly people and children. In connection with this done psychosocial training for trainers, participants are youth leaders, women and school teachers because they are related directly to the survivors expected to do so later psychosocial activities in their respective communities to build unity among all parties there. Especially for fellow survivors who are riding on the citizens, so expect the relationship will decrease tension and the relationship between the parties can be more fluid.

Psychosocial assistance carried out in Ropa and Maumere, in 10 point assemble and followed by 2.240 people. The participants were mostly school children and toddlers. The series of psychosocial assistance have been conducted in Maumere and surrounding areas, and in The District Maurole, North coast Ende: in Transito (6 times), in Kilometer Dua (twice), in Nangahure (Once), in Waturia (twice), in Incumbent office (7 times), in Ngalubu-Aewora (4 times),Mausambi (twice), Jitabewa (3 times), Waliti (12 times), and Niranusa (3 times). Together activity (twice), and 12 times watching movie in some places in Maumere.

The other activity is Christmast ceremony for children. This activity is a collaboration between HFI-Caritas and Caritas partner from Jakarta, which is a women group who cares about refugees Rokatenda eruption. This activity is followed by Christmast and New Year eve with psychosocial activity 20 times in 10 places, so there are 2 times activity in each location.

Many activities are carried out in this program. The activity for the children’s group is emphasized to entertain during in refuge with more dong games among others; football, baseball, crackers eating contest, playing snake and ladders, dancing, singing, colouring picture, and swimming competition. For the adult group, the activities carried out in the form of dance competitions and Rokatenda knowledge quiz about Palue. The activities for the elderly is more emphasized to entertain , the events are held in the form of betel siri presenting simulation and games for guests to enter the bracelet into the bottle.

Psychosocial assistance is still running even though the program is completed in December 2013 . This is because many volunteers from Caritas network Maumere willing to facilitate this activity